• Best Drill Press - Buyer's Guide for beginners and experts

    Those of you that are considering getting a new drill press have arrived in the right place! This article aims to make the decision of buying the best drill press as easy as possible. Once you've read through our drill press reviews, you should know all of the key points that you need to keep in mind to get good bang for your buck. Choosing a good drill press might sound like quite a simple process, but unfortunately it is not. It is quite daunting simply because there are so many different choices. Do you need a big drill press, like a floor standing model, or just a bench top drill press, will you use it for wood or for metal etc. These are some of the questions that we will cover in this article. The first step to getting the right drill press for yourself is to know what your use case is. If you're just a hobbyist looking to do some casual drilling in your garage you might be better off with a cheaper drill press, but if you're pro and intend to use it for work then you might need something more sturdy and therefore expensive. So with all that in mind let's take a look at the top drill presses and their pros and cons.



    First up on our list of the top drill presses for the money is the WEN 4208 8 Inch benchtop drill press. This is a top selling model, and for good reason. It offers fantastic features usually reserved for professional grade drill presses, for a fraction of the cost. It has 5 different speed settings making it able to drill holes in various different materials. This drill press is constructed to be particularly durable as its parts (the head and table, base, etc) are all made from high quality cast iron which is a very tough material. Those parts being made from cast iron does however add a little weight to the machine, but usually you don't need to move a drill press around much once it's bolted down anyway. The motor on this drill press is 1/3 HP, which is adequate for most tasks, perhaps a little bit on the weaker end of the spectrum though. All things considered this is the best drill press for the money, because of its great features and low price.



    The SKIL 3320 benchtop drill press is number 2 on this list for a good reason - it offers really good value for money. Though it is a little more expensive than the WEN 4208 with that extra price you get a little more power. The motor is 3 Amps with 5 speed settings for optimum performance on all different materials. This drill press also features a special laser guidance system which is uncommon for drill presses at this cheap end of the price range. This drill press is fast and easy to get setup even for beginners. Overall this is a good drill press, though it is a little bit on the expensive side when compared to some of the other options.



    The Grizzly G7943 is the third option on our list of the best drill presses. it is a 12 inch bench top drill press, so while it's still relatively portable it is on the bigger end as far as benchtop drill presses go. THis drill press is probably better suited to amatuers or hobbyists than professionals as it may not have the power required for bigger and tougher jobs. The motor however is 3/4HP so it's at least suitable for the average handyman. This drill press is easy to assemble and bolts neatly to your work bench. Overall this 12 inch drill press is an okay option for those on a budget.